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Sat. 25th - Sun. 26th May

Biodiversity Weekend

Species Auditing, Raising Public Awareness of the Work of CSEG plus evening BBQ!


Thu. 5 June 2014: 7.00 p.m.

Meeting of CSEG at the Farmers Arms. All welcome!




Thu. 8th May 2014 2.00 p.m.

Botany Day

Sat. 1st February 2014 10.00 a.m.

Village Litter Pick.


Thu. 7th November 2013

Annual General Meeting of CSEG at the Farmers Arms.


Sat. 12th October 2013:

(i) Apple Pressing in Cwmdu

(ii) UK Fungus Day at Queenwood Arboretum

(iii) Cwmdu Wall Repair Course


15-18 August 2013: Green Man Festival

Members of CSEG joined other local community groups in running the Community Cafe on the festival site. Each benefitted from the sales at the cafe of £1370.


20 July 2013: Cwmdu Show

CSEG hosted a stall at the Cwmdu Show to provide information about its ongoing projects. Bat and bird boxes were available for sale as well as bags of charcoal produced in Fedw Wood. The pitch also featured a Coconut Shy as well as a 'Chuck the Chick' and 'Beat the Wire' cometitions and a Dry Stone Wall jigsaw which attracted adults and youngsters alike!


25-26 May 2013: Biodiversity Weekend

A much enjoyed and well attended B&Q was held in Fedw Wood on the Saturday evening much helped by the break in the weather!. Over the weekend small mammal, bat and moth audits took place.


2012: Tree Planting in Paramor Orchard.


20012: Follow Through on LEAF Project (see below)

(i) Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme – Phase 2

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme is designed to support people who want to install renewable heat technologies. This programme builds upon the success of the first scheme which closed on 31st March 2012. Click link above for further details.

(ii) The Customer Led Network Revolution

The CLNR project went live on Wednesday 4th July. This will see 50 Air-Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) with thermal storage coupled with Smart Meters installed at heavily subsidised prices in participating properties across the eastern end of the National Park. Click link above for further details.


2012: BBC's Countryfile programme on the Usk Valley

Cwmdu Sustainable Environment Group frecently eatured along with Llangatock Green Valley and other groups in BBC's Countryfile programme on the Usk Valley. The programme broadcast on Sunday 30th November 2012 at 8.00 p.m. A short excerpt from the programme can be found here.


August 2012: Green Man Festival

For a third year in a row CSEG helped organise and man the Cwmdu Refreshments Stall at the Green Man Festival which was headlined by the legendary singer Van Morrison.


July 2012: Cwmdu Show

CSEG had an enhanced presence at this year's Cwmdu Show. As well as providing information about its current work work and initiatives and providing unbiased advice about energy conservation, bird and bat boxes were on sale as well as well as bags of charcoal prepared in Fedw Wood. In addition there was, as in previous years, practical demonstrations and 'fun' competitions including a giant wooden jigsaw for children (and adults!) as well as 'Name that Tree' which this year involved 24 different saplings.


June 2012: Biodiversity Weekend at Fedw Wood

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Jan 2012: Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF)

In January 2012 CSEG secured a grant nearly £15,000 from the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) a government initiative run by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The grant was awarded for these specific purposes:

• To help each resident and business in the Cwmdu area complete an energy use questionnaire. This will help you save money by identifying your current energy use, where you are losing heat and what practical measures you could take to reduce this.

• To hire an infrared camera so we can photograph properties to see where heat loss is taking place.

• To carry out a feasibility study into installing a suitable heat pump at the village hall to provide hot water and heating. This would enable the current oil fired boiler to be replaced and reduce running costs.

• To assess the Rhiangoll Valley for potential sites to install micro-hydro schemes to generate electricity, with the possibility of creating at least one income source for the community to fund events and initiatives.

• To compile a public report that will give an overview how energy is being used within our village. (N.B. No individual properties will be identified in this report, other than the village hall and church.)


November 2011: Paramor Orchard

On 19th November 2011 members of CSEG assisted in the planting of 50 seedlings in the Paramor Orchard near St. Michael's Church.



CSEG members, along with residents of Cwmdu and other interested parties are invited to register and participate in the CSEG Community Forums. These are accessible via the 'Forums' link.



CSEG is grateful to Keep Wales Tidy for providing FREE insurance to cover  public liability and chainsaw insurance.

















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