Biodiversity Audits


Second Biodiversity Survey undertaken on 2-3rd June 2012

Full Report


First Biodiversity Survey undertaken 28-29th May  2011

Full Report


Trees and Plants

A botanical survey of Fedw Wood was conducted by John Crellin and Stephanie Coates (Brecknock Wildlife Trust) on 8 May 2014. CSEG are most grateful for their help in identifying and logging plant life within and around the wood.

Fedw Wood Botanical Species List



Fedw Wood Fungus Checklist (2013)

(N.B. a small number of entries 2007-2011 refer to species found on the lower wood. Unfortunately retrospective disaggregation is not possible. Future recordings will be exclusive to forays within the upper wood which is under the management of CSEG.)






Recent Events

Michael and Shelly Stroud gave an Introductory Talk on Fungi at Cwmdu Village Hall on Thursday 13th October 2011 which majored on fungi in and around Fedw Wood as well as other parts of Powys and Herefordshire.




Moths and Insects

Fedw Wood Moth Species List (most recent update: December 2016)

Fedw Wood Moth Species Calendar (most recent update: December 2016)


Merveille du Jour



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